Minecraft Like You Have Never Seen Before… is a brand new, CyberPunk style server.

We offer a survival experience with hardcore aspects. features a state of the art script, including functioning auction, banking & raiding elements.

We provide a team RPG style experience as you battle the elemtns, creatures and players in Dystopia. Develop a life within New Dystopia through our HUGE city built for the future.

Immersion & Lore is a vital aspect of, through a pre written lore we have developed over months. You will find yourself progressing your very own post apocolyptic story through in game updates & feature additions as you progress through our amazing story!

Server Rules

Server Rules:

  • Respect ALL Players
  • No advertising or mentioning other servers.
  • Don’t ask for ranks.
  • Don’t impersonate staff.
  • No spamming.
  • No racism.
  • No all caps talking. This is considered shouting.
  • No unapproved links.
  • Be appropriate at all times.
  • Do not complain constantly in chat.
  • Don’t curse in public chats or in personal ones.

Community Rules

Community Rules:

  • Be friendly and always show respect to everyone, no matter their role.
  • Do not tag people repeatedly or without need.
  • Harassment, abuse, hate speech or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated. (Insta Ban)
  • No links may contain advertisements of any kind, pornography, racism, or disturbing links. (Insta Ban)
  • When looking for help, please find the appropriate channel in which to chat in.
  • Follow the community guidelines given by Discord.
  • Respect the admins and members.
  • Do not copy names.
  • Do not spam or bother others user with Poke and messages.
  • If you have problems, contact a admin or mod.
  • If an admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly.
  • No racism, racism will provide you an instant perm ban.
  • No verbal abuse.
  • Attacks against the server with so-called “Flood-tools” are strictly prohibited and will, where appropriate, prosecuted by the owners.
  • Please use a name that others will be able to recognize you as from in-game. Do not use fake nickname.
  • Don’t send links to scam websites, porn websites, phishing websites or anything that can harm the user’s computer or are considered inappropriate as we want the users on the Discord server to feel safe while being on it.
  • I hope you didn’t forget about the secret. Keep reading our regulations to find it.
  • Joining channels that you do not usually associate with for the purpose of trolling is also not permitted.
  • NO advertising of any kind on our Discord server, This includes links to sites that earn you money. owners decide what is allowed and what is not. DONT asume anything check with an admin first.
  • Do not link external website or images that included sexual, racist, violent, disturbing or inappropiate content.
  • No begging or repeatedly asking for help in the chat, please keep question in the #general channel. Repeatingly asking basic questions will lead to administative action​
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